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About us...

Kuvera helps anyone — from trading experts to those who've never been in the markets before — to grow your money by implementing a simple, affordable, proven system for success that doesn't require you to spend your days studying the market.


From the executives to the newest subscribers, Kuvera thrives from its culture of positivity and resilience.


Our executive leaders have 50+ years of combined business experience. Our Market Experts have 25+ years of combined trading experience. And our distributors... there's too much to count!


Since its birth, Kuvera has increasingly grown every year. On top of that, our Market Experts have consistent track records in the equities & Forex markets. It's a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it.


We don't restrict the users of our products. Share Wealth Generators with others to earn a residual income along with some cool prizes on the way.

Crypto Overview

Why Kuvera?

3 For Free!

Welcome 3 personally enrolled members (customers or reps) with 400 BV total and your monthly subscription/autoship for FREE! Every month you maintain your 3 PE and generate a total of 400 BV you get your FREE autoship.

Yes! Free Crypto Edge Educational Platform. Finally a monthly autoship that will potentially make you money instead of more products that only put a dent in your bank account.

Crypto Edge is $89.99 - 60 BV

Crypto Mining

  • Generator
    • $599.99
    • 11 - 15 MH/s
    • 60 PV
  • Business
    • $1,099.99
    • 22 - 30 MH/s
    • 135 PV
  • Executive
    • $2,599.99
    • 55 - 75 MH/s
    • 300 PV
  • Premiere
    • $5,099.99
    • 120 - 150 MH/s
    • 600 PV

Mining Management

We are continually investing in the best available hardware to stay at the edge of technology. We have several farms located around the globe, and each location was chosen to fulfill two important criteria: cheap electricity supply and little or no need for cooling.

Cryptocoin Mining

Mine cryptocoin using our highly efficient mining algorithm for scrypt based coins. Your mining pack combined with our proprietary algorithm will ensure that the most profitable cryptocoins are being mined on a continual basis.

Daily Payouts

Start earning coins today! Your mining pack is ready to go. Within 10 business days of your payment clearing, your pack will start mining and you will receive your first coins. All coin payouts will be made in Ethereum to your personal wallet each day.

Contract Time

The mining packs will run for a period of 1,200 days.

Once you purchase your mining pack, within 10 business days of your payment clearing, your pack will start mining and you will receive your first coins. All coins are paid daily deposited into your Ethereum wallet.

Customers: Enroll with your $99 Crypto pack or Crypto Edge Trading $89 start mining as soon as you want, no autoship required but Crypto Edge is $89 monthly if you want to trade cryptocurrency. Daily coin deposit into your wallet with your mining pack. Make money without ever signing a single person. Can't benefit from the compensation plan or those placed under you.

Reps: Enroll with your $99 Crypto pack, and/or Crypto Edge educational platform $89, $50 upgrade to become a distributor and mining pack when you are ready. Autoship is $150 for the Crypto One Trading platform and bot. FREE autoship with 3 personally enrolled and 400 BV. All volume rolls up from people placed under you since we only build 3 legs here. The volume from everyone in your entire downline counts toward your commissions.

Full Compensation Plan
Full Bonus Plan

Just Launched

Live Research & Education Sessions that feature topics such as hardware, wallets, and exchanges. The sessions also provide research into historical patterns and the occasional ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Live Market Analysis Sessions that are educationally focused. Each session features in-depth chart analysis of a specific segment of the growing cryptocurrency universe.

An archive of Education and Training sessions which can refine your ability to see, understand, and capitalize on the cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency Alerts (coming soon). Our experts do all the research and analysis and deliver that information to you via notifications, and email.

$89 for the platform.

Contact the person who shared this site with you to get started!

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